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Maharaja Wild Kopi Luwak Travel Drip x 5

  • 5 Drip/Pack a. 10g
  • 5 types of Nusantara Luwak coffee are available in Drip Coffee Travel.
  • Arabica x 3 out of 4 registered.

Sumatra Green Gayo (Tsunamica Gayo)
Sumatra Blue Mandheling
La Javanica
Le Paradiso Bali

  • Robusta x 2

La Java Bonita
Exotica Sumatra

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Read the instructions for brewing good-tasting coffee.

Drip Coffee, Kopi Saring, Kopi gantung, Kopi filter.

It's easy to enjoy quality coffee, Maharaja Espresos Blend Coffee, consisting of large portions of Specialty Arabica (fragrant coffee and fruit flavor) and a small amount

Robusta coffee (thick coffee, a little bitter, and the distinctive aroma of Robusta coffee) mixed with very appropriate proportions, to produce coffee that is delicious to drink every day, anytime and anywhere, practical, fragrant because of original powder, and praksits because only needed hot water.

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